Sierra Leone Congo Town Association  (SLCTA) is a British based charity commission registered organisation operating in  Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Sierra Leone

  Sierra Leone Congo Town Association (SLCTA) was founded in 2007 by a group of multi professional group of Sierra Leonean diasporas in the UK with Congo Town heritage and shared vision to help create a better quality of life for the people of Congo Town.

We believe in a just world, free from human degradation caused by poverty, where all are equally empowered to attain the highest standard of life achievable each ability . Sierra Leone is ranked by the United Nations as one of the poorest countries in the world. Congo Town is located in the west of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. We work with the local people in Congo Town to deliver aid programs aimed at poverty alleviation by improving access to improved health and better education.

The name Congo Town originated from librated Africans of Congolese ethnic group who came to settle in the west end of Freetown around 1816.

The settlers had lived in the Wilberforce Hills before moving down to resettle in this small town found below the Wilberforce hills and named it Congo town. The early settler lived most of their lives by the river banks that spread from neighbouring Murray Town down to Ascension Town.

During the late 18th century some settlers around the rural villages namely Hastings Kissy, Murray Town, Wilberforce etc, migrated and resettled in Congo Town as a result of Trade and inter marriages.

The Congo's lived as one family and shared so many things in common in terms of religion and culture one significant feature about this little village called a town was this – Before the development of Running taps the Congo's had a natural spring water which served as the only source of drinking and cooking water for all inhabitants of Congo town.

This water was located down the hills of one of the side street in Congo town later named water street. This ground water called BUSH WATA became unique among the Congo's in those early days and was the meeting point of every family in the town.

In the mid 19th century, a one way main road was developed that runs through Congo town from Congo cross down to the bridge which separates Congo town from ascension town.

Congo town became well known with two churches Jehovah Sharma and St. Peter's church and also a mosque. The people of Congo town shared a single market which also added to its' uniqueness in terms of trade. Congo town in the early days had one Primary school that was known as the Congo town Amalgamated School. In later years after colonialism other primary schools were established. Presently there are about four schools in Congo Town and the first primary school which was later called Congo Town Municipal School is now the Ephraim Robinson Primary School and it is situated on the Main Road of Congo Town.

In later years Congo Town inhabitants started travelling abroad and it became common in the late 19th and 20th century.

Today there are thousands of Congotonians scattered all over the world more so in the United Kingdom, America, Canada and elsewhere.

In respect of this ethnic unity Congotonians resettling in the UK especially London have come together to build another United Congo town away from our native land to rebuild our empire back home.

Milestone Developments
The Sierra Leone Congo Town Association (SLCTA) UK was formed on the 21st October 2007.

(SLCTA) UK was formed in 2007

The Official launching ceremony was on the 13th of April 2008 at the Walworth Methodist Church Camberwell. The money raised was £1,210.

A thanksgiving ceremony was also held at the Walworth Methodist church Camberwell on the 19th of October 2008 and the amount raised was £639.

Presently our main source of income is our membership contributions and donations from private individuals and friends of Congo Town.

SLCTA gain UK Charity Commission status in 2009, registered charity No.1130132.

From 2008 through to 2009, SLCTA members went on multiple feasibility trips to Sierra Leone to evaluate needs in the education in the Congo Town area. After consultation with local communities SLCTA developed a project to embark on refurbishment of Ephraim Primary School, the main school serving the people in the vicinity of Congo Town.

In 2009 SLCTA organised the first event to raise funds for the project. A luncheon sale was help, raising £600.

In terms of working with public bodies and their criterion, SLCTA has maintained direct links with Educational and Health authorities, the City Council and other organisations in Freetown.

Our Legal status
As a UK registered charity, SLCTA operates under the rules of the of UK Charity Commission and are governed by a constitution adopted in May 2009. Management responsibility for planning and operations are delegated to an Executive Board elected by its members.


Mr Alvin Cole
Mr Brima Lebbie
Mrs Emily Banice Kanu
Mrs Yeama Muriata zack-Savage
Mr Christopher Tweed

Our Achievements
In August 2008, SLCTA embarked on a book distribution programme to a selected school in Congo Town. A volume of valuable stationeries and teaching materials where shipped to Ephraim School in Congo Town, funded with proceeds from the lunching ceremony in 2007. Some 240 students benefited from this book distribution.

How we work and prioritise projects
SLCTA depends on volunteers to raise funds, plan and implement its charity programmes. Members of SLCTA visit Sierra Leone regularly on private basis. During their visit they are assigned tasks to consult with local stakeholders and carry out feasibility work on specific needs in the Town. The body of members vote for the charity to support particular projects using information presented from a feasibility study. Therefore decision comes after surveys had been carried out by individual members/trustees who had volunteered to do so during their time in Freetown.

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